Herron Custom Paint Herron Custom Paint June 21, 2018   

Herron Custom Paint

Marko chopper. Skulls, flames and chrome. What else could you ask for? This job took a total of 60 hours to complete. We did not do the frame on this bike. 
Marko custom chopper  
Marko custom chopper tank, skulls and flames  
The Marko Chopper. Ther are over 100 skulls airbrushed on this bike.  
Marko custom chopper tank and rear fender  
Marko tank, multiple airbrushed skulls and fangs inside double overlapping flames center view  
Marko bike double overlapping flames with drop shaddowing for depth, front fender  
Marko tank right side double overlapping flames into skulls  
Marko tank airbrushed skulls and flames lower left side  

Marko tank left side flames with drop shadows to give depth.

Marko bike front fender and tank  
Marko bike front fender & tank airbrushed skulls with double overlapping flames  
coil covers for the Marko bike  
Marko bike rear fender skulls airbrush  

Marko bike front fender airbrush skulls and rear fender airbrush skulls

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